Why do individuals and businesses join KAAPA Coop?

KAAPA Coop exists to seek and acquire opportunities that can increase member profits and net worth by providing its members with opportunities to produce, or invest in, value-added agriculture, while offering the public new products or benefits.

Join KAAPA Coop! Your membership will provide you with the opportunity to leave a lasting impact in agriculture.


  • Diversification of assets – The old saying ‘don’t put all of your eggs in one basket’ certainly has it roots in agriculture and is as true today as it ever was. A key to financial stability is diversification and KAAPA Coop can offer this stability by providing you the opportunity to invest in various projects and private companies.
  • Exposure to private offerings – The Securities and Exchange Commission restricts public promotion of private offerings. However, investment groups such as KAAPA Coop may introduce opportunities to it’s members.
  • Exposure to projects – You will be presented with an array of value-added agriculture projects to enhance your investment portfolio.
  • Shared ownership of projects – This ensures that each member has an opportunity to invest in the projects as an equal investor rather than simply buying stock in a company primarily run by a majority owner.
  • Transparency – KAAPA Coop believes in transparency and an open door policy to provide information for its members. This keeps all lines of communication open.
  • Pool of investors with similar philosophies – Over 90% of KAAPA Coop’s members are actively engaged in agriculture. They understand hard work, expect ethical conduct and can relay a common sense approach.
  • Decision making is more closely aligned with the thoughts of the investors – Sharing similar backgrounds and philosophies means the leadership’s decision-making is more closely aligned with member expectations.

KAAPA Coop emphasizes on value-added agriculture opportunities!


KAAPA Coop is one of a only handful of economic development groups in the nation focused specifically on value-added agriculture, and has one of the largest pools of qualified angel investors in the nation.

What does it cost?

Dues are $175 annually.  Our membership dues are invoiced in January each year. 


Your $175 annual membership is the core operating fund for KAAPA Coop covering not only administrative expenses such as an office, phones and postage, but also covering staff wages, due diligence activities, legal fees, early stage project development expenses, and consulting or other professional fees.   Membership dues are also used, in some cases, as the matching funds required by the grants that are awarded to KAAPA Coop.  To date, KAAPA Coop has been able to leverage your membership dues into nearly double the value because of such grants and other financial support.

It’s a great time to join KAAPA Coop!

Click HERE to download the Membership Application Form and instructions.

Do you Qualify as an Accredited (Qualified) Investor?

  • Due to Securities and Exchange Commission requirements, many business ventures find it preferable to conduct a private equity offering just for accredited investors. An accredited investor is an individual, organization or entity that meets the Federally-established criteria for qualifying as an accredited investor.  You can click HERE for the qualified investor form and either mail it, fax it, or bring it with you to any meeting.  Be sure to complete the accredited investor form in the way in which you hold your KAAPA membership (i.e. individual, corporation, etc.). If you are uncertain how you hold your membership, contact the office at 308-234-2712, or email regan.kaapallcs@gmail.com.
  • If you meet the qualifications, print and send the form, along with the membership form (click HERE for membership form) by postal mail to:  KAAPA, PO Box 1301, Kearney, NE  68848

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