Why do individuals and businesses join KAAPA?


KAAPA exists to seek and acquire opportunities that can increase member profits and net worth by providing its members with opportunities to produce, or invest in, value-added agriculture, while offering the public new products or benefits.

KAAPA has ‘investment funds’ which allow its members to invest in value-added agriculture projects. These KAAPA funds have invested in a variety of projects; making private investment possible for its members as well as providing diversification and increased potential earnings. Funds have been invested in bio-based plastic fillers made from agricultural residues, advanced solar energy technologies, rare earth mineral extraction, a fish and shrimp farm in Texas and a biomedical research and development company. Investment opportunities are under development annually.

KAAPA has two membership categories. One is for the agriculture producer who is actively engaged in agriculture or who may have direct influence in production such as a landlord. The second category is for any non-producer individuals or businesses with a direct or indirect tie to agriculture, such as a seed corn company or financial institution. KAAPA welcomes both membership levels, as each adds strength to the organization and both categories have an opportunity to beneficial.

KAAPA extends an invitation to each of its members to attend the annual meeting in the spring. As a member you will also have the opportunity to attend any project showcases and learn about the proposed new projects and technologies.

Join KAAPA! Your membership will provide you with the opportunity to leave a lasting impact in agriculture.

KAAPA Membership — A Unique Opportunity


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