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KAAPA Investments III, LLC

KAAPA Coop has created KAAPA Investments III, LLC to allow its members to join Burlington Capital and Invest Nebraska in supporting (and profiting from) the agricultural advancements happening here, in the Midwest.

Burlington Capital and Invest Nebraska together created the


This $11 million venture capital fund will provide both capital and guidance to up to 24 high growth Ag-Tech start-ups. Chosen by an experienced investment committee, the portfolio companies will have innovative, proprietary and scalable technology, strong leaders, and experience in agriculture. Their products will have a direct impact for producers in the Midwest.

    KAAPA Investments III, LLC (KI3)

  • Goal: Raise $1M to invest in the Burlington Capital Ag-Venture Fund
  • Minimum investment: $10,000 for KAAPA members in KI3 (compared to the $100,000 minimum required to invest directly in the Ag-Venture Fund)
  • Distributions - As each portfolio company is sold (or distributes profits), KI3 will receive and distribute the funds to the investors
  • KAAPA Coop will invest the first $50,000

  • Open to KAAPA Members   - limited space available
  • Timely K1's - KI3 will adjust its fiscal year to assure K1's are out before the end of February each year

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