From Completed Projects, to Current Projects, to Emerging Opportunities . . .

KAAPA receives approximately one new project to consider every month; many are worthy projects and many simply do not meet the scrutiny of KAAPA’s due diligence process.  The projects that do meet KAAPA’s initial review are taken through various steps of due diligence in order to learn more in regard to the project’s structure, its contribution to agriculture, how it could benefit the KAAPA members, and how viable or sustainable the project may be. 
For example, projects could include:

  • new or specialty crops, 
  • fuel-reduction applications for irrigation motors or farm equipment,
  • double crop opportunities, 
  • regional and/or international trade of farm commodities,
  • sustainable agriculture practices,
  • innovative technologies,
  • renewable energy and energy efficiencies,
  • utilization of agriculture residue and co-products from the processing of crops,
  • and special or unique processing of commodities such as soy bean oil, specialty wheat flours, and many more

 KAAPA does not have strict guidelines as to what projects it will consider;  however, a project must be related to agriculture and have the potential to benefit KAAPA members through a return on investment, offering a new or expanded market, or by creating an efficiency in farm and ranch operations. 

KAAPA also monitors opportunities that arise as agriculture evolves and transitions into more than “putting food on the world’s table.”  When it recognizes an opportunity that has considerable potential, KAAPA will take the idea and develop it on its own.  Three examples of such effort are KAAPA Ethanol, KAAPA Country-Adventures, and KAAPA-Mex (see more detail under the “Completed Projects” tab).  When KAAPA develops a project on its own, it creates a new entity and launches the company but does not retain any ownership in the new organization.  KAAPA members, however, generally remain the majority shareholders of the created business.

Current Projects

We encourage you, whether a current KAAPA member or if you are considering becoming a KAAPA member, to take a look at our “Current Projects” by clicking on that title from the drop down list at the top of this page.   Each of these projects have measurable benefits for our members.

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